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It's been a long time since Abel Rossignol, a carpenter passionate about skiing, was making his first pair of wooden skis with his own hands, in 1907. Nowadays, the brand is the worldwide leader on the ski market, and ranks second in terms of ski poles.


1950, Howard Head, aeronautical engineer, decides to launch his own ski brand in Austria. Well known for his knowledge and the quality of his work, the brand becomes big pretty quickly. Nowadays, we're talking about 570.000 pairs of skis sold worldwide every year.


Originally, Nordica was a brand of street shoes founded in 1939 in Montebelluna by two brothers : Adriano and Oddone Vaccari. 1947 : the brand changed direction and started to make ski boots, and more specifically, racing ski boots. This remains its main activity today.


Tecnica doesn't need to be introduced anymore does it ? Founded in 1960, it met its first success with the Moon Boot. Then the italian brand started producing ski boots in the 70's. The first ski boot made of bi-injected plastic. The little brand became rapidly the biggest distributor in the world, and kept this rank ever since. Nowadays, Tecnica is a brand of ski boots, outdoor shoes, apres-ski boots, Moon Boots, and wintersports equipment such as skis and snow rackets. The future looks pretty bright for the brand, with 5 millions pairs of shoes sold every year...


A fresh newcomer in the world of skiing. Klint comes into competition with a complete and versatile line up. Pow or trails, everyone can find his match. Klint work hard to make good and reliable skis. You won't find names of technologies you won't understand in those skis, but you will find the real deal, a woodcore.


K2, it's been more than 50 years since the brand made by 2 brothers, Bill and Don Kirschner, keeps growing. Being exclusive to the American market at first, it then became one of the world's leaders. Never really following the rules, K2 built its reputation with its hot-dog skis in the 70's, and continues to stand out of the crowd with its funky graphics. No surprise when Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey and Pep Fujas chose K2 to equip themselves.


A small brand has become big. Born in 1962 in Sallanches,Mont-Blanc valley, with the participation of Jean Liard, the brand has known an outstanding development and built its reputation by sponsoring the best-known champions. Nowadays, DYNASTAR Lange represents 12% of the ski market. The brand shares its knowledge and skills in every fields, freeride, freestyle, racing and skis for women, which is a big part of the company commitment. Dynastar offers one of the widest range of skis molded for women.


1957 : First pair of skis carrying the name Atomic...1966 : beginning of the industrial production. Two years later, first competitions. Nowadays, Atomic, it is ski poles, nordic skis, ski boots, snow boots, and a wide range of alpine skis. With all these products, Atomic reaches the Top 3 among the distributors of high quality ski.


A brand, and a lifestyle...That's how Julien Régnier, Anthony Boronowski, J.P. Auclair, J.F. Cusson, and Boyd Easley imagined Armada when they launched it in 2002. Famous in the Freeski world, the brand is about to become a reference point since Taner Hall, among others, joined the team.


Coming out of a garage, making a pair of skis a week, the brand Line has grown but preserved its homemade signature. They're still making their skis themselves indeed. The brand created by Jason Levinthal in 1996, has followed the same path since its start, i.e. making skis for hardcore riders, at an affordable price.

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