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Stöckli Stormrider 95

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Out of stock

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Technical info

Winter 2012






Versatile.50% Piste

Accessibility Score : 2/5
Piste Score : 3/5
Powder Score : 4/5
Park Score : 4/5
Sidecuts (mm)
Size 174 cm - Radius 19.7 m
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Alpine Ski Stöckli Stormrider 95

Ski sold without binding.

Vous êtes un inconditionnel de la piste, mais de voir tous ces freeriders dévaler des faces gorgées de poudreuse, vous donne de nouvelles aspirations. Hors de question d'abandonner pour autant votre terrain de jeu favori, mais vous ne seriez pas contre cette pointe de polyvalence qui vous permettrez de vous aventurer, à l'occasion, hors des sentiers balisés. Ne vous pincez pas il existe ce ski, et c'est le Stormrider 95 de Stöckli. Un ski qui n'a qu'un objectif être performant partout ! Et comble du comble il y parvient ! 


L'avis de nos testeurs : Nouveau venu chez Stöckli cette année, le Stomrider 95 est un super polyvalent, pour les skieurs de niveau très bon à expert. Sur neige damée l’accroche est au top, et les accélérations sont impressionnantes. Ski agressif plutôt typé grandes courbes même si son rocker en spatule lui permet de conserver un peu de maniabilité et surtout d'offrir des entrées en courbes moins physiques. En hors piste le ski survole tous les obstacles; une fois de plus il est super performant et très précis. 


Le montage des fixations sur cette paire de skis implique un perçage et donc une personnalisation du produit. Conformément à l'article L121-20-2 du code de la consommation aucun droit de rétractation ne pourra être exercé sur ce type de produit. 


Type of turns

  • - Long turns

Weight of the pair in grams

  • - 174cm: 4440gr

Structure - Construction

  • - 3AX Sidewall :

    Synthetic reinforced fiberglass sidewalls. Stronger against impacts.

  • - Combi Core :

    Core made of wood and layers of fiberglass.

  • - Sandwich System :

    Sandwich construction is part of a quality ski. This construction layers different materials chosen for their physical characteristics depending on the characteristics needed for the ski.

  • - Titanal :

    Titanial is a metallic alloy including aluminium. It gives precision, grip, smoothness and stability on all terrains. A reference for top-of-range skis.

Rocker type

  • - Tip rocker :

    Skis are more manoeuvrable, contact points on the skis are placed in order to reduce the effective running length, which allows easier pivot and a better float.


  • - Base Racing Graphite :

    Base Racing Graphite strong and ultra-fast.

  • - Diamond Cross Structure Topsheet :

    Polyamide topsheet with diamond cross structure, strong and styled.

  • - Swiss Precision Tuning :

    Complex finish of the base in several steps that guarantees an optimum glide.

  • - Transparent Split Base :

    A part of the base in the fore ski is transparent, and lets the design appear.

SizeTip-Waist-Tail (mm)Radius (m)


Product Name
Stöckli Stormrider 95
Product price
£428.00  instead of  £714.20
  Alpine Ski
Stöckli Stormrider 95
Year 2012

Out of stock Out of stock


Men Men


Beginner - Intermediate : Occasional rider still learning. Rides only on groomed snow and makes technical mistakes.


Advanced : Rides reguarly, feels confident on all kinds of terrains and slopes. Makes very few technical mistakes.


Expert : Rider who has excellent technical and physical skills and who rides fast in any conditions.

Advanced Advanced
Ski category

Piste : ski designed for easy demeanor on pistes with optimal grip on hard snow.


Versatile / All-mountain : ski designed for all terrain performance, from groomed slopes to powder fields.


Freestyle : Twin-tip ski allowing for switch riding. It makes enhances pivots and makes landings easier.


Touring : these skis are lighter and make the climbing easier. Their construction is reinforced and provides optimum grip and safety when downhill conditions are rough.

Versatile<br/>50% Piste Versatile
50% Piste

This ski allows for riding on any kind of snow. It works as well on piste as it does off it thanks to its shape and its wide waist enhancing floatation.

This ski allows for riding on any kind of snow. It works as well on piste as it does off it thanks to its shape and its wide waist enhancing floatation.

Advanced ski abilities
Piste Score : 3/5
Powder Score : 4/5
Park Score : 0/5
Accessibility Score : 2/5

There are 3 main types of construction


- CAP : The core is wrapped in a cap. This construction brings forgiveness to the ski. It is often featured on entry-of-range piste skis or on wide skis for a great mix between forgiveness and a sturdy core.


- Sandwich : The sandwich construction is a standard in terms of quality. This construction incorporates different layers of materials selected according to their specific properties. It delivers grip and stability, but it's generally more demanding.


- Minicap Sandwich : The perfect compromise for progression, or for technical skiers. This construction offers excellent carving abilities to the ski while providing forgiveness thanks to the Cap tips, allowing for more relaxed skiing.

Chants droits

The core gives its character to the ski. There are two main types :


- The composite core : This injected core is mainly featured on recreational or intermediate skis. It delivers flexibility, forgiveness and lightweight. It's perfect for learning the basics and progress with soft and comfortable skis.


- The wood core : It has always been used in the ski constructions and ensures great durability. It is sturdy and reactive. There are many kinds of woods used, all delivering different properties.


Cores are reinforced with fibers. The most common one is the fiberglass, well known for its mechanic properties. Other fibers are used, like basalt and aramid, replacing titanal plates. They enhance stiffness and impact absorbtion, and also increase the ski's lightweight.


A rocker is a rising tip, long and progressive, allowing the ski to float better on powder snow. At the same time, it reduces the actual running length of the ski when it sits flat on the ground which enhances the pivot of the ski and makes it easily manoeuvrable.


Rockers are featured on skis tips, and sometimes on tails. That improves the floatation even more, and reduces the running length of the edge for an easier pivot for piste specific skis.

Front Front
Tip Yes
Tail No
Ski Camber

Camber defines the favorite playground of the ski and gives it its character. There are three main types of camber:


- the classic camber : it enhances energy transfers towards the edges and has a bias for pistes. It gives the board more kick and increases pop and reactivity.


- the flat camber : it makes the ski pivot easier while providing a good edge grip on your piste runs. It is used for freestyling and riding in the backcountry.


- the reverse camber : perfect for deep powder conditions, it enhances the ski floatation and increases pivot. Fat skis often feature this technology, coupled with a double rocker.

Classic Classic
Type of turns

If the radius of a ski is short (10 to 14m on an adult ski), short and sharp turns will be easier. If the radius is longer, it will perform better on larger turns where it'll be more stable (from 18 to 22m on an adult ski).


The radius can vary according to the pressure you apply on the edge. That's why you cannot define a radius with one sole turn, it just gives you a general idea of the behaviour of the ski.

Short radii are often associated with liveliness when long radii are synonyms of stability.

Long turns Long turns
Weight of the pair in grams
174cm: 4440gr
Various 1
Topsheet en polyamide avec structure en croix de diamand à la fois esthétique et très résistant
Various 2
Semmelle graphite solide et très rapide

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